Monday, September 28, 2009

A twist in time …. OR .... Back to the Future.

Surprising how fast things can go when something lights a fire under a guy and he discovers Craigslist. Originally we had it all worked out with our son. We’d purchase an older truck together and he would have “custody” of it, and we would use it when we wanted to pull the little trailer. Sounded like an ideal solution to me as we wouldn’t have to “store” it here. Well, there’s a nice 1984 Ford Diesel truck sitting at Max’s house now. One minute we’re talking about “later” getting something to pull the little trailer with and next we have it! I swear all that I said the other day was ……, “It would be nice, some day, if we found a truck like you had back when we met,” and viola a 1964 Chevy is sitting in the driveway! POOF, just like magic!
There’s another twist….remember, back in the very first blog entry, I said that the yellow stripe would have to go for blue? Well, guess what color the new/old truck is ……. You guessed it …… bright yellow. All I can say is that there will definitely be a yellow stripe or a white and yellow two-tone paint job in her near future.
Isn’t life funny about stuff like this? If you say … “OH, I’ll never do ______” or “I’m doing ____,” or “I’d never do that”, you find yourself doing exactly the opposite. God does have a sense of humor and don’t let anyone tell you different.

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