Thursday, July 30, 2009

Let the Restoration & Renovation Begin!!

Well, after what felt like a long time, looking in a lot of places I finally settled on material for the upholstery. I purchased the amount of fabric that I had "computed" that should take of the entire project. Two coordinating fabric that are indoor/outdoor fade resistant fabric in shades of blue. Well, true to my form I changed my mind, I'm always doing that...decided that the striped fabric ( I purchased enough of this for the curtains and the cording ) would be "lovely" for the sides of the cushions too, and it is! But, and here comes the big but... now I have to purchase more of the stripe and I've got lots of left-over floral. Oh, well, this isn't something I'll be having to do again for a long time. Goodness, the cushion covers on her are 45 years old! Here's pictures of my "upholstery room" better known as the dining room. Originally I was going to replace the cushions completely. I mean 45 years old, I thought they'd be trashed inside. After checking on the price for new cushions and then when I removed the old covers, SURPRISE the foam was in terrific shape. No need to buy new foam!! There was no mold, they weren't hard or dry and not deterioration at all!! In fact if I had thrown them away I'm quite sure that they would have been in a landfill somewhere for the next 100 years. Well, anyway, I purchased thick batting and completely covered the old foam making the cushions thicker and a little more comfy for us. Now just get the sewing machine crank'n.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

We've found her!!

This is how she looked when we first laid eyes on her and fell in love! We had looked for a long time and up and down the valley and around the state, even looking on line. But, just like true love, sometimes you look everywhere and then there it is right in your own back yard. June 1st we brought her home. Right now she's known as Yella Stella but the yellow strip is going for two shades of blue, so too her name will change. We're thinking about that but no decisions yet on the new name. Now starts the work, getting her into condition. She is just perfect for us. The bed is seperate from the table. I'm an early riser, Charles is not. I need a place to sit, have my coffee, read or knit while he sleeps or naps. She's very light weight for a vintage trailer and only 12 feet long. Can't wait to get started on her.