Tuesday, September 1, 2009

MEN; "short term and selective memories!!"

It couldn't have been much more than two weeks since our harrowing experience getting the little trailer into the garage and what do I hear??? .... Charles is showing the "fruits of our efforts" or should I say "the sweat from our brows" to several friends saying "Oh, it wasn't bad at all. In fact I may do this every winter. Just store her in the garage." I almost fell through the floor.

While it's true that we wouldn't have to go up and down the driveway under our own steam, and me straddle the floor jack ending up in the middle of the street again.... Since we intend to get something to pull her with, the rest of the adventure wouldn't change. I can just imagine one of those times ...over she'd go just like a capsized ship. Our own little Poseidon Adventure. I sure hope I don't have to be Shelley Winters. As I remember, she's way over weight and dies in that one!!

Well, if I get to say anything about this ...she's going to have a nice little stylish cover and get all wrapped up for the bad weather, plus have a nice secure place to wait for her next trip. Besides, we may want to use her during the winter and I'm thinking of someplace a little more scenic than the inside of the garage.

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